Saturday, November 27, 2010

Photo Frame Decisions

Everyone is taking photos these days, trying to get that perfect shot of family or friends. I think this is really good. It is great to capture these special moments. What I think is a shame is that these photos don't tend to get displayed anymore. People don't put them in photo frames and just leave them on their computers or cameras.

Don't give up the ghost yet... I think we will see emergence of the physical photo frame and I think the frame that will do it is the collage photo frame. I am starting to see collage photo frames in a number of shops now that didn't used to display them. I think this is a great sign and think it will continue.

One of the great things about collage photo frames is the ability to show a number of photographs in one go. This is important if you only have a small room and because they are modern, it makes the rest of the room look modern. When you think about how many other frames you would have to buy to show the same amount of photographs it works out as good value.

These aren't only the great frames around at the moment. Another frame that always looks great is the silver photo frame. They have a great shiny look which means that they continue to look great throughout the years. There is also so much choice in this style which means that you will always find something that looks great.

Once you have set your heart on silver frames you need to think about whether you go with real silver. Real silver will be more expensive than silver-plated but may be better in increasing in value in the long run.

I hope that you like the idea of putting more photos on display. You don't have to just settle for silver photo frames or collage photo frames as we have discussed here. Go to the shops or look online for styles that appeal to you.

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